• Prakash Ki Oar

    Completely lost in the maze of so called modern life---pomp and show, a rat race to earn more and more by any means, the man has no mental peace. Sometimes, the situation comes to such a pass that defeated and dejected man thinks of nothing short of suicide. Despite all the religions and sermons, man has not got rid of this illusions and confusions. Man is ignorant of the truth of life, he doesnt know the purpose of his life, he doesnt know why he has come on earth, what are his duties, what are his goal....


    To a child babbles and whispers are the window to the word. A peep through that window helps a child to know and understanding it;s surroundings. "Babbles" is not yet another poetry of necessary rhyme. Representing words symbolically, the colourful pictures not only attract the attention of a child but also make it feel them. Compresed in simple english, poems help a child babble through , self, society,nature. God and life to watch the big world of man. It presents a poetic amalgam of child's imagination with the reality of life. Rising --- so near, yet so far, O god where you are , I miss you and pray , bless me with strength for the day.

  • Bal Bhavana

    Born and brought up by the biological mother and nurtured by the mother natue, a child learns thorugh inquisition and observation. Being a child of nature, he gets attracted towards the rising sun, gleaming moon, fruits laden trees, running after the butterfly and asking inconceivable questions from parents. Keeping in view this child mind, the poet is his anthology Bal Bhavana has composed very simple and inspiring poems based on child's inquisition, observation, understanding and comprehension.


    Fickle minded children remains inquisitive to learn and know more and more about everything they watch around. The anthology BAl Man seeks to initiate the child curiosity by drawing the pictures od words and educate them. It does help to add their knowledge , understanding and preception of the complex things through simple words that too in rhyme. The poet sincerely believes that the parents and children would find the poems not only worth reading but refereshing and resounding.

  • Aatm-Naad

    Aatm-Naad (voice of soul) an anthology in free verse, is based on stark realities of circumstances, time and life, related to day to day happenings, crimes, plight of women, mosque temple row, Indo-Pak relations, ever busy police, duteous army and unscrupluous offences like adulteration. Humour is an integral part of human life. It is indispensaable to cope with the stress and strain of daily life....


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  • January, 2016

    Path Prakashan not only promotes Hindi but also encourages young creative minds who wish to give vent to their virgin observations through poetry or prose couched in Hindi. We Love and respect our Mother Tongue Hindi.